Anorak News | The X Factor’s Big PR Stunt: Why Gamu Nhengu Is The New Wispa Bar

The X Factor’s Big PR Stunt: Why Gamu Nhengu Is The New Wispa Bar

by | 4th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Gamu Nhengu did not make the final 12 and will not get to sing in the live show. But because the X Factor is the most manipulative, conniving show on the telly, Gamu will sing on the live shows.

When Simon Cowell told the singers that there are “no second chances”, they might have thought he meant it. But that was before he chose Niall, Harry, Zian, Liam and Louis to be a boy band called 1 Direction (aka Five Do Justin Bieber’s hair) and Esther, Sophie, Geneva and Rebecca were mushed into a blancmange of an act called Belle Amie.

And the no second chances rule will help Gamu because she’s the favourite to get a second chance as a “wildcard” entry.

The wildcard system works simply like this. The X Factor cans a few of the less terrible singers and then sits back and waits for a media shitstorm as the fans clamour for their favourite’s recall. The four acts who create the most online buzz get the nod. And that means Gamu is in.

It’s PR speak it’s known as the Wispa Method.

It is the ultimate social media PR trick. A company threatens to pull a brand and then sits back and watches as fans start huge Facebook/Twitter/blog campaign to save it.

It worked a treat for Wispa and in a smaller way for Subbuteo and BBC 6 Music.

To big Gamu up further and make her seem even better than she is because she’s not there, Sinita, Simon Cowell’s houseboy, gets on twitter and yells:

  • “GAMUuUuuuuuuu!!! I’m gutted!!!! Gutted for GAmu.”
  • I want somebody to realize..I have never even met her, so its not personal..but she touched me!I think we threw a super star away…ugh.”
  • Well done katie!! …still stunned about GAMU, what is wrong with tweedy pie??
  • I know S delibearately keeps some things from me to get a reaction,but he missed a full on thunderstorm tonight! I’m a tornado!”
  • What the hell happened?!! I need a tranquilizer… stunned..great day turned into a BAD night,,can’t get over that.”

And lest you doubt that Gamu is coming back to be huge hit, know that right now she’s fifth favourite to win the show – the one she’s not in…

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