Anorak News | Daily Mirror’s Class Warrior Kevin Maguire Shames Ed Miliband

Daily Mirror’s Class Warrior Kevin Maguire Shames Ed Miliband

by | 5th, October 2010

KEVIN Maguire continues his class war rant in the Mirror, as he thunders on George Osborne:

The Trust Fund millionaire, who will one day inherit a baronetcy to be Sir George, has more money than he can count. So he has no idea what it’s like to depend on benefits, to watch the pennies every week.

Yeah, what could an educated and urbane man – a millionaire whose parents wanted to look after – know about anything about poverty? He cannot even imagine it.

He’s not a bit like Ed Miliband, the current Labour leader who grew up in Primrose Hill and lives in a £1.6m house in Dartmouth Park, near London’s Hampstead Heath.

In 1994, shortly after the death of his father Ralph, a ‘deed of variation’ transferred 20 per cent of the house each to Ed and David, with the remaining 60 per cent retained by their mother. Experts claimed this was to reduce death duty.

Tsk! It’s another story about a parent looking after his children.

The value of Kevin’s Maguire’s bank accounts and how he plans to look after his nearest and dearest are not mentioned…

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