Anorak News | Rumor Fix Rivals Gossip For Most Useless Celebrity Website Award

Rumor Fix Rivals Gossip For Most Useless Celebrity Website Award

by | 5th, October 2010

A GOSSIP Cop website by Any Other Name Would be… an even dumber idea than the original Gossip Cop. This one is called Rumor Fix, writes Rumor Rat.

But when your the scion of that bucket o’ cash known as Dr. Phil McGraw, who cares that the original was a dumb-ass idea… and a knockoff will likely be even less appealing.

Day after day, the guys at Gossip Cop are sniffing out “the facts” behind all those other websites’ questionable headlines.  Those men in blue go out on a limb and swim against the tabloid tide to tell you, the reader, the real story.

How do they do it?  They employ a secret weapon known as the “celebrity publicist.”

Whenever Radar, or Hollyscoop or Hollywood Life posts a negative item about any star, Gossip Cop goes into action.  They call the star’s P.R. person — the person who’s paid to keep their celebrity image as pure as the driven snow — to quickly get to the truthiness behind all those nasty old tabloid headlines.

These publicity wizards are paid to, at best, camouflage the facts.  At worst, they look into the camera, or talk into the phone and go for it, opening their mouths and spewing forth a whole series of bald faced lies.

So let’s start a website that tells the truth about all those celebrity scandals… as only the paid mouthpieces of those celebrities can tell it.

And then, let’s start another one!

The Phil McGraw family has a huge grudge against those truthless tabloids and their raking of muck by reporting outrageous stories about them.

What better way to counter all those “obviously” false tales from the tabs, than to create an online blog of your own smack down the smack-talkers?

You’ll find just a few of the classic Dr. Phil-related tabloid headlines, after the jump…

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