Anorak News | Man Discovers Supernova In Dublin Back Garden

Man Discovers Supernova In Dublin Back Garden

by | 5th, October 2010

DAVE Grennan and his wife Carol (and Charlie the dog) are seen below in an observatory in their back garden in Raheny, north Dublin, where the discovery of Supernova 2010IK was made on 17th September.

The international astronomy authorities have now officially confirmed it as a the supernova.

Now see this

Mr Grennan was about to turn in for bed when he made Ireland’s first discovery of a “supernova” exploding star from his back garden.

Dave Grennan, 39, said he was about to finish up a night’s stargazing when he spotted the 290 million-year-old spectacle in the heavens over his home in Raheny, north Dublin.

File under: while you were watching Masterchef

You need to see this – keep clicking the images to zoom in. It’sincredible.

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