Anorak News | Woman Finds Frog In Bottle Of Asda Wine

Woman Finds Frog In Bottle Of Asda Wine

by | 6th, October 2010

ISOLDE Beesley found a frog in a bottle of wine. French wine? No, alas. The jokes will not write themselves.

Mrs Beesley, of Leicestershire, says that when she poured a glass of £3.58 Moscatel de Valencia on Boxing Day, she noticed a small frog pickled in the bottom of the bottle.

Mrs Beesley bought the bottle in Asda. A spokesman for the store says:

“We are at a total loss as to how this could have happened. It’s nigh on impossible for any object to find its way into a bottle of wine when it is being produced.”

Any object? What about a ship?

“It simply can’t happen. So somewhere along the line between it being bottled in Spain, opened and being drunk, our unwanted guest has found its way into her glass.”

It jumped in by choice?

As the wine’s new motto goes, Nine out of ten frogs prefer Moscatel de Valencia.

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