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After The TV Torture Of Prince Harry Channel 4 Rapes The Pope

by | 7th, October 2010

LIKE you we’ve been unable to realise the full horror of what would have happened to Prince Harry had he been kidnapped by the Taliban.

Thankfully, Channel 4 is here to fill in the gaps in our fantasy. In The Taking of Prince Harry, a film, we get to see the mock executions and torture.

Channel 4’s head of documentaries, Hamish Mykura, says he told the Royal Family about the film but:

“I think it is just wrong to say that this would create a new idea that wasn’t there already.”

Fair play. Who among us can place their hand on their heart and say they haven’t dreamt of torturing Prince Harry?

Anorak had supposed that when the Taliban took Harry, they’d first put in a thank you call to Matt Drudge. Harry would then work his charm and before long the lads would be drinking Quaich Trophy cocktails, laughing at the “Pakis” and singing bawdy songs about nights out in Chelsea. Tally-ho, Taliban!

Channel 4 has already turned the imagined deaths of George Bush and Gary Glitter into entertainment. We hoped Harry’s show would be a more fun time with a disco and bit of a laugh.

But no. The miserabilists at Channel 4 like death and pain too much.

So. What next for the edgy broadcaster and mind reader? Well, what about investigating what would happen if Noel Edmonds mated with Anthea Turner and the scion of their loins, a boy named Cowell, replaced the Pope he’d murdered. Cowell then declares war on God? There will lots of rape scenes, death and everyone who’s ever been on a Channel 4 game show panel gets shot in the face?

It’s a good show. But, admittedly, we are no experts in telly and it needs tweaking. Call us, Hamish, we’ve got ideas…

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