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X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd Attacked By Hypocritical Daily Mail

by | 8th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: The Daily Mail has Cher Lloyd in its sights. Sure, Lloyd does herself no favours by calling herself she and the other 11 Disciples in the X Factor final the “chosen ones”, taking credit for a song that isn’t hers and pulling faces like Dot Cotton drawing on a ciggie, but the Mail attacks her for everything and anything.

As Cher heads to a cashpont machine, the Mail looks on. And this is the Mail that warned us about chip and pin crime:

Motorists were warned yesterday of a new bank card cloning scam in which fraudsters use spy cameras to record PIN details as they are keyed in by customers at petrol station counters.

Matthew Hickley told Mail readers:

Dynamic security system developed as cash card fraud spirals out of control.

Mindful of this, the Mail than calls Cher a “diva” for shielding her pin number from the paparazzi stood close behind her:

Looking pale and thin in a pair of grey skinny jeans, leather jacket, scarf and boots, the aspiring singer looked nervous as she walked to a NatWest cashpoint from the nearby dance studios where she has been spending the day rehearsing for Saturday’s show.

Nervous? Or anxious because the snappers are dogging her?

The live X Factor shows haven’t even begun yet and it looks like the fame may already be going to the head of teen contestant Cher Lloyd. The 17-year-old hopeful was accompanied by two assistants and covered by a pashmina as she popped out of rehearsals to get some money from a cashpoint yesterday. While most people try to protect their pin number while withdrawing cash, perhaps hiding the top half of her body and the whole ATM itself is going a bit far.

Well, no, it isn’t – not when a stranger is stood behind your with a camera.

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