Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Wagner Fiuza Carrilho Is The Cheryl Cole Antidote We Crave

X Factor 2010: Wagner Fiuza Carrilho Is The Cheryl Cole Antidote We Crave

by | 10th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Can Wagner Fiuza Carrilho save the show and break up the PR-led onslaught on record sales and the Cheryl Cole bandwagon that encourages us to see all sorts of wonder and talent in the lip-syncing singer that just isn’t there?

Can Wagner save us from Cher Lloyd, the Dot Cotton Team America action figure who has split the nation – there are those who think she’s overrated, overhyped and not all that likeable and then there is Cheryl Cole. Who will win? And this is Cheryl who rejected Gamu and doesn’t like the likeable Nicolo.

Can Wagner save us from Katie Waissel, who appeared to have lost a fight with Zhandra Rhodes’ wardrobe and a croupier? She stood behind a keyboard she didn’t seem to be playing and sang We Are The Champions in the manner of one of the those Wembley Stadium warm up singers whom football fans hate.

Can Wagner save us from One Direction, a made-for-X Factor group of vaguely fanciable lads with showbiz haircuts. Can fanciable become shaggable and thus marketable?

Can we all just agree that Warner, that merging of Tommy Cannon and Britney Spears must win the show? His version of She Bangs and Love Shack was the only part of the X Factor that made the viewers smile and smacked of entertainment…

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