Anorak News | X Factor 2010: The Cher Lloyd Sex Doll And Hating Katie Waissel

X Factor 2010: The Cher Lloyd Sex Doll And Hating Katie Waissel

by | 11th, October 2010

X FACTOR 20201 and the Mail goes with a front-page picture of open-mouthed women: Mary Bryne agape and so too is Cher Lloyd.

Pick your sex doll, readers. Mary has teeth and a likeability. Cher’s is fuller-lipped and requires a lot less puff to inflate.

But not every woman on the show is everyone is equally shaggable.
Take Katie Waissel, who is pictured on the Sun’s front page with hand over her mouth.

The Sun has decided that the woman whose actually given us an orgasm face on video is not worthy of readers’ lusty thoughts. The talk is of “fan fury as flop Katie reprieved”.

Lucy Connolly continues with our scoop that Katie had a record contract and knowledge of BMG executes and Sharon Osbourne, and says, “viewers were livid last night after judges including Cheryl Cole saved Katie Waissel from the boot.”

Someone call Katie a “goblin. Another calls her “horrendous”. As rage goes the “fans’ fury” isn’t all that furious. In fact, the impression you get is that the Sun dislikes Waissell for being nothing more than ambitious. And the tabloids hate a young woman with ambition.

Indeed, the Sun is not even consistent in its owen story. One commenter says Katei Waissel:

“I don’t get is – sorry.”

Nor all that harsh, is it. But another voice says Wagner is “rubbish”; another calls Storm Lee a “clown”; a third calls Nicolo Festa a “weirdo”; a fourth says Diva Fever are a “bad idea”. Is that fan fury?

On Sunday’s results show we saw FYC all but praying to be put through. Faces contorted in pleading, desperate hope they sweated and knotted hands. But they are men. They are not “fame hungry”, only Katie is.

It is her story. Cher, for instance, is “fragile”, even thought we have heard about her beating up a classmate at school.

But the Sun, as all tabloids, ultimately realises that when a woman wants to get on it’s all about sex, and only about sex. So, inside across two pages Katie is wide-mouthed and wider-eyed. Cher, Mary and Treyc Cohen are also agog, agape and a-gasping.

And the most shaggbale wins…

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