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Quality Street: Tin Comes With Free Bullets

by | 11th, October 2010

IN Clifton it’s so tough that the Quality Street comes with a free shotgun cartridge.

Kay Davis, 53, of Clifton, took her free ammunition when she bought a tin of the chocolate treats from Asda in West Bridgford.

Says she, with no little drama:

I had to go outside and take a deep breath so I would be able to decide what to do.”

Well, unwrap it and give it a whirl. There is a Quality Street for everyone, and though you might not like the taste of cardboard and gun metal someone else might. Hats off to Nestlé for taking the risk and reaching out to the youth market.

Davis didn’t eat it but instead showed it to a company rep:

“He couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely gob-smacked something like this could have happened. We don’t know where along the line it was put in. I did notice though, the end bit of the seal was blue, and apparently, at Quality Street, it’s normally white.”

Are we to suppose that Asda is flogging hooky tins of Quality Street, some packed by gangsters? If so, look out for the Crack Creams and know that the golden penny is actually the dislodged head of an Argos sovereign ring used in a Clapham mugging in 2007.

Says Davis:

“If children had found it, I dread to think what would have happened.”

They’d have eaten it, naturally. Children eat anything so long as it’s placed in tin and marked “Sweets”…

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