Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Nicolo Festa Is Admirably Bitter

X Factor 2010: Nicolo Festa Is Admirably Bitter

by | 12th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Now that Nicolo Festa has gone to the celebrity Silo in Brussels, we want Wagner to win all the more. But while that Robert Downey Junior-Britney Spears hybrid rehearsed, Festa, well, festers.

He tells X Factor magazine:

“I felt humiliated and like I wanted to die. Every second I was mortified. I wasn’t sad, I just wanted to disappear. I don’t like to feel embarrassed!…

“I definitely want to go on vacation somewhere very foreign, have a surgeon change all the features on my face. I don’t want to be seen out. I’m mortified.”

More like Nioclo, say we. No panto. No reunion tours. No TV confession. No stated desire to rerun to the show. No desperation. Just pain and a desire to move away as fast as possible.

Why do all the likeable contestants get voted off?

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