Anorak News | Green Campaigners Create British (Organic) Tea Party Movement

Green Campaigners Create British (Organic) Tea Party Movement

by | 12th, October 2010

THE global warming movement is reduced in the UK to shopping for organic tea – and do use the water in the cartons. It’s the Organic Tea Party:

Britons are less environmentally conscious than they were five years ago, with twice as many people now “bored” by talk of climate change as in 2005. Four in 10 take no action at all to reduce their household carbon dioxide emissions. Experts warn that green fatigue is a major reason why there are more cars on the roads, more planes in the sky and no reduction in the mountain of packaging waste …

Environmentalists are still positive about the progress on green issues. “It comes in waves,” said Craig Bennett of Friends of the Earth. “Some things people have been doing for a while – [such as] buying organic tea.”

Or killing a child

Spotter: Tim Blair

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