Anorak News | ‘Britain’s First Mephedrone Death’ Is Not So: Lancashire Girl Killed By Toxic Blend

‘Britain’s First Mephedrone Death’ Is Not So: Lancashire Girl Killed By Toxic Blend

by | 13th, October 2010

REBECCA Cardwell, 19, is the country’s first person to die from mephedrone – aka ‘bubble’ and ‘meow meow’ – and now an illegal Class B drug. Well, so the story goes.

She took a wrap of the drugs at a house in Colne, Lancashire.

She had paid £5 of the £25 for the drugs, which had been adulterated with small amount of two other party drugs and amphetamines.

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Three days later Miss Cardwell was dead. It’s a tragic story. But the question should be: what killed her? Mephedrone was linked to deaths in the tabloids when it was a legal drug. But it never killed anyone. It was made illegal with great haste by an outgoing Labour Government keen to look tough. Now someone has died. And the story goes that it was the headline-making drug that caused the fatality.

The Lancashire Telegraph is adamant:

AN East Lancashire teenager has been confirmed as the country’s first official victim of the newly-illegal party drug Mephedrone.

The title of the article is:

‘Plant food’ party drug mephedrone killed Colne teenager

At the inquest: East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor says:

“I only hope that you may be able to take some solace from the hope that others may be dissuaded from taking these substances, which promise a euphoric result which is frequently, and quite often tragically, undelivered.”

Not a chance. Teenagers are always looking for new ways to get wasted. And they will pay. But what are they buying? There is no way of telling:

The pathologist said he also found levels of benzylpiperazine (BZP), trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP) and amphetamines in her body and gave the cause of death as the toxic effect of all four substances.

So. Mephedrone was not to blame in itself. Had it been the only drug in the wrap, the victim may not have died.

Only a fool would suppose mephedrone does you any good. But this case proves that banning a drug does not make it less desirable. All that happens is that the formerly pure substance is easy fro m greedy dealers to adulterate with all manner of other toxins to create a new blend that can prove fatal…

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