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Chilean Miners Rescue Is A Brilliant Government Stage-Managed Affair

by | 13th, October 2010

CHILEAN miners are emerging from the earth. The excitement mounts; it can only be a matter of hours before the massed desk chimps denounce the Illuminati conspiracy.

This is not a rescue of 33 miners trapped for 69 days. (69ers eh? Nudge, nudge just like the Yukon Gold Miners). The chimps will tell us it is a diabolical Chilean plot to resurrect its 30th President and lead mass murderer General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet who has been underground for a whole four years.

Wait for the McCann link. It will be buried in there by some of the typing ghosts which infest too often..

Shit! I’ve broken the scoop. (Let us know if you see or hear it; Our Maddie’s been spotted in Chile.)

It took until the 18th miner was soaring into the sun of the Chilean desert for the assembled hacks to mention the Pichochet link with one local journo saying Chile is and, disappointingly will always be, associated with the terrible reign Margaret Thatcher’s pal imposed on the Chilean population.

There are those who remember the thousands of disappeared (murdered) and the football stadiums which took thousands through but none out of the turnstiles.

There are those who still remember when Chile, South Africa and other brutal governments caused pink liberals to moan that Grannies Smith were delightful this year “… but why oh why is all good fruit Fascist?” The moans didn’t stop the good fruit reaching liberal tables. And, then, Pinochet did stop Communism’s march, although it was through fascism.

As for the miners, Piñera has dismissed top officials of Chile’s mining agency and has sworn to strip out and revamp the department after the accident. Eighteen mines have already been hammered shut following this San José accident and another 300 may be forced to halt digging..

So, even if these escaping miners want to return to their sub-surface toils there may be no mines for them to work in.

Relatives have started the first lawsuits against the company and a judge has frozen most of the company’s assets.

Despite all the above, the rescue has made compelling tv and President Piñera’s ratings are soaring.

It has been a brilliant government stage-managed affair but the ramifications will rumble on until there is a fairer deal for Chile’s miners

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