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Perez Hilton Will No Longer Out Gays For Our Entertainment

by | 14th, October 2010

PEREZ Hilton, the “gossip gangsta” and sometime writer of the self-styled “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Web Site”, the celebrity watcher gone native called Mario Lavandeira has made it part of his remit to out gay stars, like “Doogie Howser” star Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass.

Not everyone wants to be outed. Some people who do not trade on their sexuality, who are not hypocrites, want a private life.  Justin Aarberg, 15, committed suicide for hat Barack Obama’s chief aide called his “lifestyle choice“.

Hilton wrote:

“We are so proud (despite the nay-sayers) in having a hand in bringing about change. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: the closet no longer exists if you are a celebrity or a politician!”


“It upsets me that people think what I’m doing is a bad thing … I know there is some controversy about outing people, but I also believe the only way we’re gonna have change is with visibility. And if I have to drag some people screaming out of the closet, then I will.”

Great stuff. Perez will out you and make himself famous and newsworthy. How this helps, say, the teenagers outed in public with a big sperm volcano of a  penis painted on their portraits is not important to Perez’s public service. The mission to serve is all.

But things are to change. Anorak Man in La writes:

This is sure to get interesting.

In a Wednesday interview on “ellen,” Perez Hilton promised to makeover his website’s attitude.

The queen of the douche-bags told DeGeneres:

“Over the last two weeks I have been doing everything I can to bring awareness to the teen suicides and gay bullying. In doing so, a lot of people have called me a hypocrite and a bully myself and a big one … From now on I really want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

Hilton even says he’s going to change the overall tone of his website even if readership drops.

“I don’t care, because this is really important to me.”

The chubby pseudo-socialite says he’s sorry for making fun of children in the past, and will no longer use mean celebrity nicknames, like “Maniston” for Jennifer Aniston, for example.

Well, if it help Perez become the celebrity he wants to be then you know he’ll try it.

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