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Pregnant Woman Set On Fire In Bradford Dies: Time To Bash Muslims

by | 15th, October 2010

GRIM story of the day take us to Cloudsdale Avenue, Bradford, where a 23-year old pregnant Asian woman has died after she was found on fire behind a house.

Aziza Kahn, a neighbour, says the woman lived at the house with her husband, mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law.

Another neighbour, one Nasreen Khan, says:

She wasn’t allowed out of the house, her family were quite strict. She lived with her husband’s family who brought her over from Pakistan eight or nine months ago.”

It is understood the woman was found with serious burns at the property and was pronounced dead at the scene. West Yorkshire Police and fire crews were called to a property at 7.15pm yesterday. The death is being treated as “suspicious“.

How relevant is the fact that the dead woman was Asian? Well, to Mail readers it is central to the story:

I would just like to say that if this poor girl was murdered I would not refer to it as an ‘Honor’ killing. There is absolutely nothing honerable about murder. – Lynzie, London, 15/10/2010 14:43

Whenever the public speak out against seperatism in this country the accussation of racialist comes screaming back, whether this lady took her own life or it was taken, death by fire is a horrific barbaric death, the government have the blood of this woman on their hands for allowing seperatism, it should not be allowed in any way shape or form, only the vulnerable suffer from the hands of the strong – CB, UK, 15/10/2010 14:48

Answer this: why do people assume the victim w as a Muslim? And why is her race and religion any relevance to what is only a suspicious crime? The apparent victim was a woman – and that seems to be the most glaring fact. Women are nearly always the victims of violent crimes – it the sickness that transcends all races and religions.

Finally: When Stephen Griffiths was murdering women in Bradford was his non-Muslim status a factor?

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