Anorak News | Starry-Eyed Met Police Play Dress Up In Costumes From The Bill

Starry-Eyed Met Police Play Dress Up In Costumes From The Bill

by | 18th, October 2010

IN a bid to appear more likeable and relevant the Metropolitan Police Force has bought up props, costumes and other stuff from The Bill, the recently killed off ITV slice-of-uniformed-life show.

The Met says this is to prevent criminals acquiring the uniforms and impersonating officers. Right now lots of black criminals are cutting their luck that their plan to impersonate an officer of the law has been undone.

The Met has taken charge of 72 police caps and hats, 97 shirts and 28 high-visibility jackets, to “guarantee public safety”.

The gear will now be distributed to actual policemen and women (but not you community support officers who are only pretend policemen ) who can best sit in their cars and say that they are wearing Bob Cryer’s short sleeved shirt and wielding a truncheon used in episode 4, Series 3: Celebrity Coppers Get Their Faces On The Telly By Nicking Stars For DWF (Driving While Famous)…

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