Anorak News | Project Prevention Pays UK Man To Have Vasectomy: Eugenics In Action

Project Prevention Pays UK Man To Have Vasectomy: Eugenics In Action

by | 18th, October 2010

THE first person to take £200 from eugenicists from Project Prevention is JOHN, a 38-year-old heroin addict. He’s taken the cash and in return had a vasectomy.

Overlooking the obvious thing that habitual drugs takers can be shaggable and fertile – and that £200 might not be enough to sterilize wealthy drug takers – it’s all pretty appalling, isn’t it? We’ve heard from this group before, when they approached a woman and offered to have her neutered.

Project Prevention has stopped John creating children who will inherit his addictions. Or who would go on to have great lives. Hard to tell what the future holds. Although Anorak is always keen to hear from the likes of Project Prevention who just know.

Says John:

”It was kind of what spurred me into doing it in a way. It was something that I’d been thinking about for a long time and something that I’d already made my mind up that I wanted to do. Just hadn’t got around to it.”

Project Prevention aims:

The main objective of Project Prevention is public awareness to the problem of addicts/alcoholics exposing their unborn child to drugs during pregnancy. Project Prevention seeks to reduce the burden of this social problem on taxpayers, trim down social worker caseloads, and alleviate from our clients the burden of having children that will potentially be taken away.

So. Were the addicts targeted children of addicts? And if £200 is the price of a human life, should it be means tested so as to guarantee value for money for the taxpayer? And if one child not born would have invented a machine that makes drinking water from sand and donated the licence to the nation, can we taxpayers have a rebate…

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