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Sarah Palin’s Talking Cojones Toy Woos Youth Vote

by | 18th, October 2010

SARAH Palin’s cojones are on sale at $24.95 for one. (Order now and get a pair of Hilary Clinton nut crackers and an Obama dildo in time for Christmas.)

The Palin testicle sports black hair, a massive head-flip smile, spacey eyes and a necklace to let it be hung from a tree, gurney or piercing.

(If your testicles look like this, get in touch. With some hair gel and hype your nuts can help form a boyband.)

When squeezed, the cojone says:

Jan Brewer has the cojones that our President does not…

Says founder and Cojone maker Emil Vicale, of Connecticut:

“It’s the exact clip of her talking. It’s weird to say, but the cojones are actually very cute…

“My daughter had no idea what they were, she just knew it was a toy she liked. They’re fuzzy, supersoft, and have that squishy Beanie Baby feel, so they’re fun to play with.”

Palin gets the youth vote…

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