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iPhone Gives You Haemorrhoids: Scare Story Of The Day

by | 21st, October 2010

SMART Phones give you haemorrhoids. It’s our scare story of the day. The Press release quotes Dr Stephanie DeGiorgio:

Sitting on any cold, hard surface for a prolonged period can increase your chances of haemorrhoids, so as tempting as it may be to finish that level of Angry Birds before you get off the toilet, you really should finish your business and go and do it somewhere more comfortable.”

And iPhone users are the most prone to piles:

When comparing iphone owners with Android and Blackberry owners it was found that amongst regular phone-in-the-toilet users iphone owners averaged a whopping 7 minutes versus 5.4 minutes for Android and 5 minutes for Blackberry. Only 6 people admitted to using video calls from the toilet, 5 of whom were men.

The one woman is available on 0800PILES

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