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Wikileaks Press Conference And Assange Walks Out

by | 23rd, October 2010

IS Julian Assange a problem for Wikileaks? The New York Times profile of Assange says he’s divisive:

In an encrypted online chat, a transcript of which was passed to The Times, Mr. Assange was dismissive of his colleagues. He described them as “a confederacy of fools,” and asked his interlocutor, “Am I dealing with a complete retard?”

He’s been on CNN. He walked out when the chat turned to that rape allegation, saying:

It’s completely disgusting, Atika. I’m going to walk if you’re going to contaminate us revealing the deaths of 104,000 people with attacks against my person.

What’s the purpose of an interview if not to get to know the subject? Assange is the public face of huge media player. He needs to toughen up:

Julian Assange Loses His Cool To ‘Rape Victim’ Anna Ardin – Wikileaks Is Scooped


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Kristinn Hrafnsson, Gavin MacFadyen, and Julien Assange (left to right) of WikiLeaks, before a Media press conference at a south London Hotel, where they talked about the Iraq body count, this morning.

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