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The British Do Not Fully Wake Up Until 9:55am

by | 25th, October 2010

YOU do not feel properly awake and alert until 9:55am. Up until that point you are an apathetic mess. Well, so says Tina Withington of Philips Wake-Ip Light, a product you can buy that will replicate the full power of the sun in your bedroom. Amazing, indeed. And utterly against everything Anorak believes in and has learnt from experience.

You are at your most productive when you are working sat in your pyjamas.
The pyjamas are what keep you level-headed and focused. As soon as you get dressed and accept the inevitability of life encroaching on your mind, things go haywire.

Back to Tina of the brand, who wants to scare you into buying her device:

‘It’s only going to get worse as well with the dark mornings around the corner as I’m sure many people find it easier to get going on a sunny morning when they’ve woken up with sunlight, rather than a dark, cold and wet day.”

We’re sure many people will find it easier to get their minds going if they don’t get dressed. Try it. For free.

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