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i Is The Newspaper Not As Good As An iPad: Print Is Dead And It’s Got A Twitch

by | 25th, October 2010

i is the first national British newspaper for 25 years. So says the Independent, the publisher of this thing. i is 20p, innit. i is well good. i is well wicked. i uses 1665 words – 1665! – to tell you that it is “concise… i combines intelligence with brevity, and depth with speed of reading.”

That’s 1665 words to tell you how snappy it is.

Packed with news, views, entertainment, business and sport, it’s the perfect way to start your day. And at a much more affordable price than a cappuccino.

A Cappuccino. Why not just go ahead and say it? Go on. Say it. i is a paper for urbanites who like their news frothy and sprinkled with chocolate.

i cuts through this information overload to give you all you need. It distinguishes what matters from what doesn’t and gets straight to the point.

1665 words!!

News reports in i are short and to-the-point, with information boxes to make it easier for you to learn more about the stories that interest you.

1665 words!!!!

There’s also a unique News Matrix at the front of the paper. This allows you to take in all the day’s main stories without turning the page. It’s your one-stop guide to what’s happening in the world.

It’s news in short sentences. i is the Sun without the humour or the breasts. It’s portable Ceefax for 20p.

i draws your attention to the programmes and performances that are likely to interest you, so that you can be confident that, no matter how rushed you are, you won’t be missing out on anything that really matters.

i edits and guesses what you like to read I does what every magazine does.

Television at a glance: If you don’t want your favourite programmes to pass you by, and don’t want to miss any unexpected gems either – but don’t have time to trawl through acres of small print – then you’ll love i’s Personal TV Selector.

i is TV Quick. It it not SkyPlus, which is much, much better.

But even better than that guff are the plaudits from the great and good:

HOWARD JACOBSON Booker Prize-winning novelist: ‘You can never have too much of a good thing, and there is no better thing than The Independent. Now, with i, you can choose how you read it.’

First or second?

GILLIAN ANDERSON Actress: ‘The Independent cares about the things I care about, and so does i.’

Like litter on the Tube?

JAMIE THEAKSTON Broadcaster: ‘At last, a paper that recognises that people in a hurry don’t have to be treated like idiots’

But it helps.

JAMES NESBITT Actor: ‘The Independent is my favourite paper but sometimes I don’t have time to get through it. For those occasions, i is just what I need’

The Independent is unreadable?

PETER YORK Social commentator: ‘We live in a time of radical solutions – and this is one. I love the idea of a modestly priced newspaper for people who can actually read.’

Forget i. Read moi.

NOEL GALLAGHER Musician: ‘It’s a top idea to have a paper for clever people who can’t be arsed to spend hours reading every day’

Which is why the web is so popular. Get a iPad, Noel.

RONNI ANCONA Actress and author: ‘The launch of a new newspaper happens only once in a generation and I’m breathless with excitement for the launch of i. It’s everything I’ve been waiting for’

Only less so.

CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN Broadcaster: ‘I’m properly excited about i. It sounds like the kind of paper for a girl like me.’

No comment.

ROSS KEMP Actor: ‘I wish i the very best of luck. It’s aimed at real people living real lives, and it deserves to succeed’

Ross Kemp will not be buying it.

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