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The Taliban In Afghanistan Have A Website: Discussion Highlights

by | 26th, October 2010

IN Aghanistan, the Taliban have a website. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the “VOICE OF JIHAD”. You might think it’s more a blood-curdling scream than a discussion but there is a comments section.

Fun topics include:

Resentments and Sentiments of Jihad among the Emerging Afghan Generation against the Foreign Occupat

Afghan War, Afghan Holocaust & Afghan Genocide 9th Anniversary – 4.9 million dead, 3.2 million refug

The Afghans’ Moments of Victory Around the Corner (Peek-a-boo!)

General Petraes Should Realize the Realities

The Texas Incident is Manifestation of Resentments

The Afghan Historical Background and the Impetuous Outburst of the British Ambassador.

There is slo an interview with Kandahar provinces military commander, Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond to update us on the situation.


Alemarah: To end, could you please share a story about any astounding Mujahideen incident which might affect the hearts of our viewer’s.

Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: There are many amazing and astounding incidents but the one worth mentioning is in which the help of Allah was seen by Mujahideen. A Kandahar puppet government official for Haj and Awqaf was killed in a blast a while back. His sons name was Mukhlis, who was an active member of the puppet Intelligence agency. A few days ago, Nazik, the so called governor of Dand district captured 2 Mujahideen and gave them to Mukhlis, who wanted revenge for the death of his father. So Mukhlis along with 3 of his body guards put the Mujahideen in a vehicle and tried to take them to a desert where he would brutally Martyr them. On the way the vehicle stopped working so Mukhlis along with his gunmen got off the vehicle and tried to fix the problem. At this moment one of the Mujahideen released his hands from handcuffs, snatched the weapon of one of the bodyguards and shot dead all 4 puppets on the spot. In this way Allah relieved both of the Mujahideen from their hardship.

Alemarah: Thank you very much

Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: And you too

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