Anorak News | United Kingdom 18% More Corrupt Than Denmark – Fact

United Kingdom 18% More Corrupt Than Denmark – Fact

by | 26th, October 2010

ACCORDING to Transparency International, the United Kingdom is corrupt. Counties are rated in terms of “cleanliness”. Denmark is the cleanest country on Earth. The lands of open sandwiches and Johnny Jensen scores 9.3 out of 10. It ties for top spot with New Zealand and Singapore.

Finland, Norway and Sweden are all in the Top 10, thus proving that the people who compiled this survey do not consider the assembly instructions for flat-packed furniture to constitute an evil lie.

The United Kingdom is the 20th least corrupt country in the world. It scores 7.6 on the corrupt-ometer. Britons are around 18% more corruptible than Danes. But we are less dishonest than Americans, who languish three places below – separated from us by Chile and Belgium.

But what you want to know is where the most corrupted place is? Well, if you want to bribe your way to success head to Somalia. It scores 1.1 – which makes Somalia almost twice as corrupt as Russia (2.1), which for anyone who has been to Moscow will find almost impossible to fathom…

Via: Transparency International

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