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Teen Who Punched Cat To Death Caught On Facebook

by | 27th, October 2010

TODAY’S animal hating Facebook legend is the 15-year-old schoolboy (we can’t name him for legal reasons) who punched a 12-year-old cat called Oliver to death in Droylsden, Greater Manchester.

The killer then went onto his Facebook page and wrote:

“How ill was tht dig when I dropped tht cat B4. Hahaha.”

“I booted 1 in the head B4.”

(Facebook is not Twitter. You have time and space to talk. Vent. Use vowels. And try not to repeat yourself – ‘tht’ can get tired.)

Well, in truth the cat slapper did not know that the cat was dead when he hit it. Oliver managed to make it back to his home where he went upstairs and died. When officers arrested the boy, he said:

“I’m sorry.”

At Tameside magistrates court he is referred to a youth offender panel for 12 months and ordered he pay £425 compensation.

It’s another coup for Facebook, which managed to attract the idiot and then provide an arena for him to show off in.

Mary Bale has offered no comment.

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