Anorak News | British Company Supplies American Execution Tools: Knives Made In USA

British Company Supplies American Execution Tools: Knives Made In USA

by | 27th, October 2010

THE anaesthetic sodium thiopental used to kill convicted murderer Jeffrey Landrigan in an Arizona state execution was made in Britain and was not US approved.

British civil rights lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, says the British supplier was “making a business out of killing“.

He opines:

“One question that immediately springs to mind is whether it is criminal for the British corporation to profit from such a killing: while the language is loose, EU Council Regulation 1236/2005 takes a step along this path, making it illegal to trade in certain goods which could be used for capital punishment, torture, or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment…”

On Anorak, readers react:

Basically I do not understand this argument, this country has manufactured guns, knives ropes and other materials which destroy life, even a pair of scissors can be used to kill, does that make the manufacturer morally responsible?

If there is a ‘Human rights’ issue here , what about justice for the victim of the crime committed by a fellow countryman.

The punishments here in the UK are airyfairy at best and derisory at worst. I’m in two minds about capital punishment, but dna can remove doubt, on the other hand why should known murderers be allowed their freedom and life? – Karen

If they started a new business supplying the drug for executions, I could understand the fuss but if they already sell the stuff for other uses then they aren’t responsible for what their customers do with it. – June

The report in the LA Times says:

The judge in Phoenix put the execution on hold because she said she was “left to speculate” whether this drug was safe for its intended use.

But state lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, which lifted the judge’s order.

“There is no evidence in the record to suggest that the drug obtained from a foreign source is unsafe,” the justices said, and “speculation cannot substitute for evidence that the use of the drug is ‘sure or very likely to cause serious illness and needless suffering’.”

If Americans can make that up they can surely make up their own means of execution…

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