Anorak News | Baby Calf Murdered In India On Video: Exmoor Emperor Lives

Baby Calf Murdered In India On Video: Exmoor Emperor Lives

by | 29th, October 2010

IN Morigaon, Assam, Indian villagers have murdered an elephant calf that has wandered onto their paddy fields.

The elephant is attacked with spears and sticks. It is bleeding heavily. The police and forest warden look on. They do not intervene.

Of course, the elephant is vermin. It is attacked to save the farmer’s crops. Granted the villagers have no access to horses, packs of hounds, rifles or lethal injections, and sticks and spears will have to do. The elephant dies. The monster is slain. The crops are saved. All is well! Hurrah!

Or not. We like animals that are good looking and big.

When the mighty Exmoor Emperor was, reportedly, killed by a marksman in Exmoor, there was much weeping and wailing. (Latest news is that he wasn’t killed and it was PR stunt to protect the might Stag.) When you stamp on nest of ants there is little fuss made. Ants have a bad press. So too cockroaches, rats and let us not forget the child-eating foxes.

Here’s wildlife conservationist Kushal Konwar Sarma to explain:

“This is an outrageous incident, purely barbaric, to find villagers literally torturing the helpless elephant to death…”

Bibhab Talukdar, secretary general of Aaranyak, a wildlife conservation group, adds:

“This was an inhuman act and needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”

The people should be strung up and beaten with sticks to see how they like it. It’s what right-minded people demand…

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