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Oxford University Students Get Drunk And Have Fun Dressed Badly

by | 30th, October 2010

FEMALE students are frolicking about Oxford University dressed as babies and teenage mums. Some of the fleshy photos for the do have ended up on Facebook. The Sun is appalled that students are behaving like students?

DOZENS of pretty female students [on the lacrosse team] were made to suck on dummies and neck alcohol from baby bottles during the degrading proceedings.

It’s so degrading that the Sun wants to show the photos with its reader who might have missed out on such degradation. Good on it.

The tabloids usually have to wait until the A-level results are in to feature photos of young women in shorts and revealing tops.

The brainiacs are often being invited to jump in the air for the camera or are captured hugging their female peers.

Shocking images of the Babies and Teenage Mums event – which appeared on Facebook – also showed the teenage girls rolling on a filthy floor while wearing NAPPIES.

Are you a student with an even more outrageous initiation ceremony? If so call the newsdesk on 0207 ********.

It’s all totally disgusting and must be exposed for all to see…

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