Anorak News | X Factor 2010: ‘Menacing Bully’ Wagner Carrilho Could Have Killed Ex-Wife Trudi Brass

X Factor 2010: ‘Menacing Bully’ Wagner Carrilho Could Have Killed Ex-Wife Trudi Brass

by | 30th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Wagner Carrilho is the antidote to miming Cheryl Cole and talentless pop pap being sold to a slack-jawed audience as musical wonder. So time, then, for Wagner looks like Robert Downey Junior look alike in Britney Spears hair to be rubbished and smeared. Meet Trudi Brass, here to tell one and all that her ex-husband is amenacing, possessive bully”. (Did Brass sell her story for money?)

The Sun’s Colin Robertson calls Wagner an “oddball”. He is “the barmy Brazilian”. He is a “controlling brute” who married Rudi 18 years ago and split from her not long after. They divorced in 1996.

After just six weeks of marriage, Trudi “took out an injunction to keep him away”. Wagner denies being possessive. But in case you did not get the message that he’s not nice, we learn:

She even feared the stress of being with Wagner could KILL her as she recovered from cancer.

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Says Trudi:

“He was lively and fun, but soon became very possessive and I thought, ‘This isn’t what I want’. I found him menacing, he was so intense it was scary. Even on our wedding night we went to a pub and he started to become possessive. I was talking to a man and he said, ‘Why are you talking to him?'”

X Factor 2010: Wagner Fiuza Carrilho Is The Cheryl Cole Antidote We Crave

Yep, they went to pub on their wedding night. Such is the romance between the singer and the chiropractor.

“He got very upset and would shout. He was never violent but his outbursts were scary. I thought, ‘This isn’t doing me any good’. Six weeks into the marriage I realised I wanted it to end. I’d had a cervical cancer scare and was in remission, but I knew that stress could bring it on again. It was unhealthy. My mother died of cancer and I didn’t want it to happen to me.”

Had mum been married to Wagner, too?

Trudi paid for Wagner to return to his native Brazil, but he soon began making tearful phone calls to her – then returned to Britain.

She said: “He called saying he was here and could he see me. I arranged for him to stay with friends, we didn’t resume our relationship. He asked me not to start divorce proceedings so he could have a chance to have a life here. I agreed to that.”

But what about the threat of death? Says Trudi about their meeting:

“I was living in Rio De Janeiro teaching English and I met him among other friends. He was very handsome, he’d walk down the beach and all the girls would look at him. He didn’t have all the horrible tattoos he has now. I went to the beach and nearly drowned because the current was so strong, but he rescued me. I was 21 and he was 22. There was no romance. He was very keen on me but I had a boyfriend.”

He’s a hero. Rather than killing her Wagner saved her life. The barmy oddball saved her life? But the Sun wants more dirt. The hero is soon assaulted in green ink:

But that didn’t stop randy Wagner – accused of being a sex pest in the X Factor house – from trying it on.

What did he do, the brute?

Trudi recalled: “We went to carnival and Wagner said to my boyfriend Stuart, ‘Please, I want Trudi, can I have her? I love her. She is the woman of my dreams. You have all the Brazilian women’. My partner was very English and said, ‘Well actually old chap you can’t, she’s with me.'”

He tried it on by asking the boyfriend if he would step aside. He said please. What a randy nutter. And how very un-English. What happened next?

Trudi didn’t see Wagner for nearly 15 years, then tracked him down out of curiosity during a trip to Brazil.

So. She chased him?

“I went to Rio imagining him to be married with kids, but he was just the same only older. He said, ‘You’ve come back, you’re my woman, my dream’. So we had a romance then. I came back to Birmingham and we stayed in touch.

“He said the situation in Brazil wasn’t good, he sold everything and he arrived. Although he was a trained teacher he couldn’t work without marrying me. So we got married. We might not have got married if he had been able to work.”

Are you keeping up? Nutter Wagner is a life-saving teacher who was pursued by an English woman who took an injunction out on him for getting too close to her. Got it?

She said: “Funnily enough it was my old boyfriend Stuart who told me. I felt sad for Wagner really, that this beautiful man was now being portrayed as a joke [and thanks to you, Trudi, an oddball brute]. He had such a wonderful voice, but on The X Factor he just shouts and they give him silly songs. I wish him well but it’s all rather sad. He had a wonderful life in Rio, now he’s in a bungalow in Dudley.”

And now he’s been labelled as a  controlling nutter in the Sun. Funny how life works out…

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