Anorak News | Coy Peter Andre Is Having Sex And Talking About Having Sex (Again)

Coy Peter Andre Is Having Sex And Talking About Having Sex (Again)

by | 31st, October 2010

THIS week’s big NoTW scoop – the paper is now behind a paywall – is that Peter Andre is having sex. Yep, it is just like the last week’s NoTW scoop, wherein we learnt that Peter was having sex with one Angela Mogridge. Or what of the scoop that he’d been shagging Maddy Ford, the former glamour mo-del.

Katie Price career in pictures

The NoTW called her “a graphic designer”; but she turns out to be more graphic dancer, part of group called Million Dollar Babes, an entertainer as happy in a bikini, cradling her bosom, sucking suggestively on a lolly suggestively as she designing new fonts (photos).

She’s the type of woman Peter might have been referring to when in reference to his ex-wife Katie Price he said:

“I want a different type of girl.”

Now Peter is back in the NoTW to tell us beneath the headline: “Am I dating? Am I having sex? Dead right I am!”

Hiding his face in his hands he admits: “What can I say? Yes, I’m dating and yes, I’ve had sex. I’m not a priest – I’m a single, healthy young man!”

Why so coy, Peter? Pete Andre is talking about sex, as is his wont.

(“I’m proud of it!” It’s the size of the Sky remote control – I’ve measured it.”)

(“OK, OK, I’m desperate for sex.)

But the NoTW needs an exclusive, and Louise Gannon dresses up this latest insight into Peter’s pants by telling readers:

Not that it’s a subject he’s particularly comfortable talking about. And no wonder – this is the man who famously took a vow of celibacy after his marriage ended.

You mean when he talked about sex..?

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Singer Peter Andre and model Jordan pose for photographers during a photocall at their licensing agents stand - Bravado - at the Brand Licensing Fair in Earls Court, west London . The celebrity couple are exploring opportunities to license their own powerful brand.

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