Anorak News | Yemen Anti-Jew Bombs: Everything You Need To Know (News Round-Up)

Yemen Anti-Jew Bombs: Everything You Need To Know (News Round-Up)

by | 1st, November 2010

BOMBS! How many are there in Yemen? Have the Chicago Jews bought a job lot to import to the US in a threat to the US defence industry’s wealth? (Well, two.) The new buzz phrase is “pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN), substance found in one of the packages. What does the media know? Let’s see:

Daily Mirror (front page): “MORE AIR BOMBS HEAD FOR UK”


Well, so say “experts”. These might be the same experts who failed to spot the bombs found on freight flights. But their words are chilling.

Daily Mail (front page): “26 more packages seized in bomb hunt”

“Americans are treating every shipment from it [Yemen] as potentially dangerous.”

Connoisseurs of Yemen Qat and sheep butter may have to go without.

Daily Express (front page): “MOST WANTED. Face of chief suspect in cargo plane terror plot.”

It’s Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. He’s 28. He’s a Saudi national. They think he is the mastermind genius who persuaded Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to put firecracker in his undercrackers and set fire to his gonads on a plane destined to the US.

And then there is Hanan al-Samawi. She’s 22. She’s an “engineering student”. She, allegedly, posted the bombs to the Jews in Chicago. Friends of the woman call her “open minded”. This fact is illustrated by a Daily Express photo of women in yashmaks.

Or as a Yemeni security official told the Sunday Times:

“The girl arrested is a medical student…”

The Express asks:

“How many more Al Qaeda bombs are out there?”

Dunno. Can we guess?

Daily Star (front page): “Romeo & Jueliet Bombers.”

Which one commits suicide, then?

Al-Asiri and al-Samawi are a “twisted pair of al-Qaeda lovers”.

Who’s the matchmaker?

Terror nut Anwar al-Awlaki may have recruited hundreds of followers in the US with ‘kill a kafir’ hate lectures.

Or he may not of.

The Sun (front page): “MONSTERS INK.”

Get the pun in. When the world is under threat, you must still get the pun in. Armageddon out of here!

Daily Telegraph (front page): “Al-Qaeda bombers planned another Lockerbie.”

Well yes. They would do, wouldn’t they. Murder 270 people. Serve up a patsy for jail. Secure his release from a UK jail on compassionate grounds. Then kiss and make up. Can’t fail.

SKY News: “Qatar Airlines confirmed the parcel bomb discovered in Dubai was transported on two separate passenger jets before being found by security staff.”

Do many westerners fly from Yemen to Qatar?

The device was loaded onto one plane in Yemen which then flew to Qatar. There, it was transferred to a different passenger plane heading to Dubai.

Why not blow it up in that Dubai fleshpot? Will terrorists target RyanAir? Will the passengers cheer? Michael O’Leary, boss of that airline, tells BBC Radio 4:

“What happens, particularly in the coverage of the Yemeni issues of recent days, is that we have another huge lurch by the securicrats into making travel even more uncomfortable and an even more tedious ordeal for the travelling public.
“Sadly they always win the day and they lurch around with ludicrous new measures. Lord only knows what we’ll have now. We will be confiscating white powder at the airports. Talcum powder will probably now be put on a list of banned weapons at airport security.”

You want talc? Ryanair will sell you talc at £1 per granule. Also available: sugar, dandruff and salt.

“You have got to be careful with the terminology. It is not yet sure that they have found two bombs on planes; they seem to have found two printer cartridges on planes which falls a long way short of bomb-making material.”


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