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Royal Mail In Fear Of Pet Cat In Portsmouth: Mary Bale Delivers

by | 1st, November 2010

MARY Bale should get a job a postman to deal with Lana – a cat who has attached Royal Mail workers in Portsmouth.

To the home of Carl and Carol White (parents to children Carla, Carly and Carole?), where the postman’s hand has been scratched.

Says Mr White:

“Our letterbox is about six inches off the ground on the front door and our cat often likes to sit behind it. The postman had put the letter through the door and for some reason Lana scratched his hand.”

No. Junk. Mail.

“She wasn’t being vicious – I think she just saw the hand and was being playful.”

One creatures play is another creature’s sadism. Go on:

“A couple of weeks after the incident we got a letter from Royal Mail to say if we did not keep her away from the door then they will suspend our service.”

So. You kept her away and let that be the end of the matter?

“I was shocked and thought someone was playing a joke. She’s really docile, I can pick her up like a baby and she won’t bat an eyelid.”

(Can you pick up a baby by the eyelids?)

“Now the postman knocks on the door each morning to hand our post to us in case the cat is there.”

Hold on a moment. Your pet attacks the postman so you get your post hand delivered with no need to stoop to pick the letters from the mat. And you’re complaining because..?

“But we have glass pannelled doors and so you would easily be able to see if the cat was sitting there.”

Now you’re showing off…

“That was the first time she had ever done anything like that and she’s not done anything like that since. I think it’s a bit much to say they might take us off the mailing list if it were to happen again.”

What says the Royal Mail?

“We can confirm an employee suffered an injury to a finger after being scratched by a cat while on their deliveries… nfortunately, animal attacks are a hazard faced by our employees and we record around 5,000 animal attacks a year on our postmen and women. ur main aim is to prevent attacks, supported by an on-going campaign to raise awareness of the issue among our customers.”

May Bale. You there..?

Spotter: Karen


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