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Peter Andre Loves Katie Price? Well, If It Helps Sell Records

by | 3rd, November 2010

PETER ANDRE wants to talk about “MY LOVE FOR KATE”.

In case that is not enough the Daily Star hits readers again on the front page:

“Jordan broke my heart… but I’m hers forever.”

And if you have still failed to grasp the message, here’s more:

Peter Andre is “pining for ex”.

Sentimental Peter has penned a song just for Katie. The tune is called Mercy On Me. It’s off Peter’s new album that you can buy from…

Pete says his tune is:

“A fairy tale that fell apart, I’m sorry but my heart is will in two halves.”

Apart rhymes with heart. And as for the love? Well:

“I can’t believe she lied to me…”

“Like it’s not enough all the things she pretended to be”…

“See the pictures on the paper/ Read the lies on the pages…”

Katie Price career in pictures

You mean stories like Peter telling us he’s not shagging anyone, when he might have been at it with Maddy Ford? Or what of the scoop that he’d been shagging ,? Or the lies about Peter pining for Katie when his song, if it is about her, talks of lies and how Peter is “moving one / I’ll be moving on”?

Repeat. Forever…

Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures

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