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Invisible Woman Smuggles Axe On Passenger Plane

by | 4th, November 2010

MEET Pat Palmer, 74, a British ex-pat who managed to carry an axe on a flight from Luton to Minorca. While the security services are looking for suspicious ink cartridges and Tweets, Palmer packed her rusty axe in her bag and went flying.

Palmer wears the ultimate disguise for anyone who wishes to remain invisible: old age. Keep your burqas – they only get you more attention. If you want to be stealth operative pull on gray wig, bifocals and beige fibres.

Palmer says the axe was intended for her woodpile at her home on the Spanish island.

Says Palmer in the Telegraph:

“The scanner man must have been looking up in the air when my bag went through.”

But did she really do it? An airport spokesman suggests Palmer is a liar:

“If true, Mrs Palmer’s claim would cause grave concern, but remains at the moment entirely unsubstantiated.”

It’s charming stuff. Palmer is abused for exposing a gap in the border guards’ training – did anyone show them what an axe looks like?

Heads will roll…

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