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Metaflex Gives You The Invisibility Cloak Your Dirty Mind Craves

by | 4th, November 2010

METAFLEX is the material that manipulates light and gives you the invisibility cloak you’ve always dreamed about owning.

Anorak has run the technology by our readers. The male spokesman writes:

I have run the possibility of this past the Lads here and not one can think of a use for it that doesn’t involve Changing Rooms, Bare naked Ladies and scaring the living shit out of people in the dark

Says the female spokesperson:

be nice when the jeans manufacturers can put it to good use

The technology is far from perfect, but the uses are age old.

Writing in the New Journal of Physics, researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland explain:

Metamaterials (MMs) typically consist of periodic distributions of metal resonators that can be engineered to yield both negative electric permittivity and magnetic permeability, exhibiting effective responses not present in naturally occurring materials. At present, most of the applications based on MMs are limited by their planar fabrication approach. Contemporary MMs are hard and stiff.

In brief, metamaterials alter light to make objects invisible at longer wavelengths. Metamaterial atoms need to be tiny. Only harder surfaces have been used. But now with metamaterial “membranes” the meta-atoms are released from the rigid surface.

Thanks to cutting edge technology you get slimmer hips and a perv. Genius.

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