Anorak News | Tony Blair Pockets £50,000 For Toilet Paper Speech

Tony Blair Pockets £50,000 For Toilet Paper Speech

by | 8th, November 2010

TONY Blair is ready to trouser £50,000 for addressing a US conference on…toilet roll and disinfectant producers. Well, if anyone knows what it is to keep an arsehole clean it’s Tony.

Avid socialist Tony will take 40 minutes to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) in Orlando, Florida, who to remain squeaky clean in the face of evidence that you are disingenuous, God brothering, vain, posturing salesman.

Here’s the blurb for the an who took the UK into an illegal war on a pretext of searching for sexed-up weapons of mass destruction, who has admitted to lying in office, and who took the country on path to financial ruin. What you get is:

Mr. Blair also has launched the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to promote respect and understanding of and between the world’s major religions

Brave Tony waited until he was out of office to convert to Catholicism. How’s that for making a noble stand?

On climate change, Mr. Blair published the first report from his Breaking the Climate Deadlock initiative in June 2008, which set out the framework for a new global deal for a low carbon future.

And what screams low carbon louder than a man jetting about the world in the selfless pursuit of oodles of cash..?

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