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The Dirty Old Man’s Walking Stick Hits Preston

by | 8th, November 2010

THE stalking stick – aka the ‘Dirty Old Man’s Walking Stick’ – is wooden stick with a mirror attacked that allows men (young or old) to peer up skirts and kilts.

You can buy a Stalking Stick in Preston’s Gimmegizmo gadgets and dirty old man kit shoppe. The kit offers “hours of pleasure” and:

“If you’re a dirty old man and feeling the stress, find a pretty girl and look up her dress!”

Hurrah! And for £5.99 it’s only marginally more expensive than a fortnight in a Spanish fleshpot. (If you’re not a dirty old man, why not buy a mask and pretend.)

If that sales patter was not enough, Preston councillor and former mayor Christine Abram, says:

“I was absolutely aghast when I saw it.”

That good, eh?

“I stood there and read it and looked at it and I had to look twice, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Try moving the angle of the mirror, luv:

“I have not found anyone who thinks it is funny yet.”

Look harder.

“This shop is next to Marks and Spencer in the middle of the city centre, where we are trying to attract people.”

Marks And Spencer would be appalled!

“Is this what we want in our city centre?”

No. We want nudity, free drugs, sunshine, elephants with golden tusks  and Simon Cowell being dunked headfirst into a vat of chips (for charity). But the council keeps on letting us down…

Spotter: Karen

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