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Susan Boyle: Lou Reed’s Perfect Day Is A Cynical Christmas Hymn To God Bothering

by | 8th, November 2010

LOU Reed is directing the video of Susan Boyle’s Perfect Day. It’s Boyle’s cynical Christmas hymn. Boyle’s shtick is to take any song and make it churchy. Next year, Boyle will sing The Ace of Spades in the Methodist fashion, followed by an organ-driven version of Smack My Bitch Up.

Scene 1: Boyle walks slowly towards the end of a jetty. The waters are calm. Will she dive in? Is this an advert for Campbell’s soup?

The glinting twilight and moving clouds are like a scene when the hero has just died and the cameras make out his soul has lifted up to Heaven.

Scene 2: Boyle is now engulfed in cloud. She is floating. Each note ends with a ring of a bell. Boyle is no longer just a sign of God’s love for humanity – she is the authentic voice of Mother Nature. She is Gaia thanking us for a perfect day in the bosom of her voice.

Scene 3: Now in full Twilight mode, Susan is in the gloomy woods. The straight trunks and columns are in a cathedral. Boyle is almost translucent. Her skin has an ethereal quality.

Scene 4: Rainbows. And we are airborn, soaring over a mountain top. We are over a valley. We are looking at an orange ball of fire. Sunset or sunrise? Or Lou Reed, that black-clad, scowling figure hunched over his guitar having a laugh. It’s not about love and god and Jesus and horticulture – it’s all about taking smack and the sound you hear as you sink into the sofa and someone shines a light into your pupils and ambulance sirens wail…

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