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Burglar Found With Mouse Up Rectum

by | 9th, November 2010

NOAH Smith, 31, has broken into a home in South Carolina. He has a mouse up his rectum.

Police find Noah Smith face down in the victim’s bedroom. He is naked. Police make contact. Smith slaps one of them. He is tasered. He jumps on the bed. Police wrestle with him. He is handcuffed.

Smith kicks out with his legs. Smith is pepper sprayed. He struggled. Police smack him about the person with a baton.

Smith’s head and mouth are covered with a blanket. His legs are tied. He is hogtied. He is taken outside and strapped to a gurney.

Seneca Police Department apply the gentle touch.

At hospital Smith is X-rayed. The X-Rays revels a mouse tail inside his rectum.

Smith is charged with resisting arrest, 1st and 3rd degree assault a battery charges, and indecent exposure.

The rest of the mouse has yet to press charges, or be found…


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