Anorak News | Millbank Battle Video: Sudents ‘Stop Throwing Shit’ Chant

Millbank Battle Video: Sudents ‘Stop Throwing Shit’ Chant

by | 11th, November 2010

THE Battle of Millbank really was one of the cameras, and the mums and dads at home wondering what their children were doing at adult school.

As the rebels smash stuff up and break glass – anarchists demanding more state aide (yeah, really) – lines of cameramen from news agencies snap away, overjoyed that a boring demo had tuned interesting. We’ve got lots of great pictures after the video.

But were all the students into the violence? Well, no.

Some had lunch. Some wanted the people on the roof of 30 Millbank to stop throwing their toys on the heads of the people below.



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Students and teachers gather in central London to protest against university funding cuts and Government plans to charge up to £9,000 per year in fees from 2012.

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