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40 Years Of The Sun’s Page 3 (Eyes And Peepers): In Photos

by | 15th, November 2010

PAGE 3, the Soaraway Sun’s 2DD topless stunna, turns 40 this week, on November 17, to be exact. In 1970,  German mo-del Stephanie Rahn showed off her “birthday suit” to the readers and the Sun’s photographer Beverley Goodway (Mr).

That was the year when John Lennon’s drawings were removed from a London gallery by the Obscene Publications Squad, IBM launched floppy discs, The Stylophone – brought electronic music to the masses and The Goodies were considered entertaining.

Before BBC 3, Channel X and reality TV, Page 3 Girls pursued other interests. Rahn embarked on a film career. No place in the nostalgia-proof British sex comedy for her, rather a role as Lady Marie in a Mel Brooks film History of the World: Part 1.

Says Rahn, diplomatically:

“If I had tried to be a Page 3 girl today, I think I would have been rejected. They are so beautiful now.”

The aforementioned Goodway explains what makes a good page 3 Girl:

She has to have the figure, but she also needs to glow. She needs a radiance which partly comes from lighting and partly from her feeling right in that situation. I’ve always said the sexy thing about Page 3 isn’t that she’s got her top off, it’s the look in her eyes.”

It’s all in the peepers, as the French might say…


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Sophie Howard.

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