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One Man’s Holiday With A Sex Doll (Photos)

by | 16th, November 2010

DOLL Forum is the online meeting place for adult doll owners –full-size female dolls with prominent sexual characteristics. Forum member Mechwizard recounts his holidays with Zara, a tall brunette with long hair and well-appointed orifices.

Our first holiday away, just Zara, myself, the van and the open road. We’re off to to visit some friends of Zara and I, spend some alone time and see some sights up and down the east coast. I’ll add photos every week or so of what we got up to and who we met.

The tour is in Australia. Zara’s pals are waiting:

Packing the van for the trip invovled more issues than I had first thought. Packing for Zara meant packing for two and she needed more room for her gear than I did. Additionally there was her stand. Luckily I had found the time to build the new light-weight one prior to leaving. Her old photo stand was far too big to consider taking along and would not have fitted in the back of the van in any case.

Says member Plastik 23, commenting on a picture of a white van with its rear doors open:

very nice! do i spy a bed in the back? (thumbs up)

But just at the point of knitting fingers over your face and peeping through the cracks, the humour invades. A caption of four dolls in bikinis runs:

Last one in is a $10 inflatable!

Later the ladies are watching telly:

While at Rabbitoh’s place Zara not only met Julia but also the rest of his girls, including someone who has been around TDF for a few years. While they watched some horror flick on the big screen, it was left to Julia to wonder what all the fuss was about.

Katie Price is away…

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