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I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith’s Fitness System Is The Compliance Of Science

by | 17th, November 2010

IF, like us, you subscribe to Gillian McKeith online you will have learnt of the Gillian McKeith Fitness System. Says the email on the day Our Gillian is screaming in dark box:

Gillian McKeith’s Fitness System Launches Today!

It’s the product of McKEITH RESEARCH LTD, a pseudo scientific name. And this is science. Gillian has a glossary of scientific terms:

ORDER – This is the order of how you should perform the exercises.

(Slow down, Gillian! Take notes. Questions later.)

It is also science because Gillian introduces us to ‘Foam Rolling’ (frothing at the mouth as your bite into a crocodile’s knob) and says:

There are many studies to support the efficacy of regular moderate fitness exercises

Just none conducted by McKeith Research, which operates without irony. Having told “club members” that they can download Gillian’s workout to an array of electronic devices or print it out, she says that the programme, which is “100% digital”, is:

A great resource for people who are always on the go.

It’s exercise for people who never sit still. People like Gillian:

The programs can be performed at home, at your gym, even in a hotel room if you’re travelling or on holiday.

But not by Gillian in a TV studio in the analogue Australian jungle.

She writes:

Dear Paul,


My exclusive new Fitness System is now live! You can get it FREE for the next 30 days from TODAY!! Click here to view some sample videos from the Fitness System.

She ends:

Wishing you Love and Light,

So says the panicky woman sat in a pitch black hole.

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