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Samsung Wave Smart Phones

by | 18th, November 2010

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Technology is the future and mobile phones are certainly giving us a good impression of where that future is heading. We have all been amazed with recent smartphone technology such as the Samsung Wave. The Samsung Wave, or Samsung S8500, was released in June this year across the world. As a new mobile phone it has plenty to offer, such as touch screen capabilities, Hummingbird CPU and a camera phone. With such cool features as these, it’s almost impossible to not want to learn more about new smart phones, while their features and benefits make it all the more fun to understand just how far technology has advanced.

After all, the first communication devices were a miracle in their time, offering ways to talk over long distances. Now we have even more capabilities when you consider email, voicemail, text messaging and the internet. The question then becomes what do mobile phones like the Samsung Wave have to offer that is so much better than a standard mobile phone?

First of all, let’s take a look at its size. The Samsung S8500 has product dimensions of 56 mm x 118 mm x 10.9 mm. While it may not be the smallest smartphone out there, it certainly packs a punch when you consider all that it has inside like a camera, video, music and entertainment package. To fully understand the smartphone and its features it’s important to look at the full specs over the basic specifications.

The Samsung Wave works with a GSM and Edge Band platform with network data in three formats; GPRS, EDGE and 3G. The Samsung S8500 operating system uses the new Bada OS, which has not been launched with any other phone, including the Samsung Galaxy S, also known as Samsung i9000.

The Samsung Wave comes with Dolfin Browser 2.0, Java MDP2.1 and a SAR value of .49. The technical information can seem a tad complicated, but it essentially means you have a powerful phone able to operate a variety of Samsung applications. To further enhance the phone, Samsung developed the full touch bar design with easy-to-work touch screen. This screen is 3.3 inches wide with .38 megapixel resolution and a 24 bit display, providing users with a super AMOLED screen. AMOLED screens enhance the brightness and the graphics, which boost the display’s overall appeal.

As part of the phone a standard battery with a life of 15 hours is provided. Battery life is imperative when one considers the amount of power it takes for various applications. The talk time can be cut down when the phone is used for online or camera functions. It should also be made apparent that 15 hours of time is with the use of 2G technology, cutting the 3G hours down to seven.

The camera feature on the Samsung Wave is five megapixels with a digital/optical zoom of x4. There is an LED flash with autofocus capabilities on the Samsung S8500. This means it has plenty of shot modes, like single, beauty, smile, continuous, sunset, indoor and autumn colour to heighten the user’s photo-taking experience. Photo effects such as black and white, negative, watercolour and sepia are provided to improve an image before it is sent.

Video capabilities add to the smart phone’s technology when you notice it has up to 720p recording capabilities, messaging, streaming video, telephony and wallpaper options. Music and sounds are part of the Smartphone’s offerings with poly ringtones, MP3 ringtones, 3D sound technology and the ability to create a music library.

Further options on the Samsung S8500 include fun and entertainment offerings such as the ten games included in the package software, wallpaper choices, mobile TV, podcasting, FM Radio, recording and FM radio RDS.

All of these features still won’t give you a full impression of the benefits the Samsung Wave has to offer. They are just a portion of what one may find useful in any smartphone, including the Samsung S8500. After all, many of us purchase new smart phones for their business and office benefits. As part of the package, the Samsung Wave comes with the Picsel Document Viewer, mobile printing, flight mode and voice memo modes. When you add in features such as email, texting, and photo messaging combined with Bluetooth technology, the benefits list just gets longer.

The Samsung Wave has only been on the market for a little while, but already stores are seeing a significant demand for this smartphone model. The benefits combined with its many features allow users to do almost everything from a phone that they would have done on a computer. In fact, they may even discover that they’re able to do more.

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