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Emma Watson Photo Timeline: The Pervy Uncle Hair Cut

by | 19th, November 2010

HARRY Potter means one thing to editors: Emma Watson showing some flesh. Daniel Radcliffe has exposed his genitals on stage. Rupert Grint has done topless (as they all must). But Emma gives only glimpses. The Emma Watson mini-dress was the stand-out photos of the penultimate Harry Potter film premiere.

What next for Emma Watson? Says Emma:

“Three months ago I cut my hair – and at that moment, it felt like I became a woman.”

Cutting your hair is not a rite of passage everyone should take. Britney Spears tried it and ended up looking like a foetus. Most people who cut their own hair opt for a razor and mad staring eyes; Emma Watson goes for the decaupage scissors and a gamine chop.

While we await the next flurry of photos of Emma, it might be worth noting how she has grown before your eyes. There is something always a little unsettling in looking at photos of the object of desire when they were a tot. Does anyone who knew the young Osama bin Laden not still see the camp in the murderer’s eyes? Can you look at the child star grown up and not see the child?

When we look at adult Emma, do we all turn into the leering uncle who appraises his pal’s now adult daughter with a lascivious grin and the line, “My, you’re a big girl, now…”


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