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Why Did Police Take 45 Minutes To Spot Dying Shaleem Amar?

by | 20th, November 2010

THAT man dying in the back of white Mercedes Sprinter van stopped by armed police in Sunningdale, Berkshire is Shaleem Amar. Early reports says it took police 45 minutes to notice Shaleem in the van. (The Indy says 37 minutes.) Paramedics tried to resuscitate him for about 40 minutes. He died at the scene.

Amar was 40. He lived in a rented six-bedroom mansion at Hancocks Mount, Sunningdale. He had three children.

The talk is of gangs in the Mirror, where a neighbour says:

“I would see Eastern European-looking men coming and going in nice cars at all hours.”

Four men have been charged with his murder. men charged with murder: Tom Johnston, 24, Ben Johnston, 26, Robert Johnston, 56, all from Pampisford in Cambridge, and Shaun Matthews, 54, from Whittlesford in Cambridge.

Their trial awaits. As for the investigation into the police’s actions, the Independent Police Complaints Commission says the police performance was “reasonable in the circumstances” and they were right to prioritise arresting and dealing with the four men“.

The police were responding to a tip-off. This is why they were armed.

So, while four armed men run from a van not one copper had the presence of mind to search their vehicle for 45 minutes? And that’s reasonable policing…?


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PLEASE NOTE: PART OF A BODY IS VISABLE UNDER TARPAULIN AND NUMBER PLATE HAS BEEN PIXELATED BY PA PICTURE DESK Police officers at the scene of a 'serious incident' in which at least one person is feared dead on London Road in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

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