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X Factor: Katie Waissel And The Link To Islamic Extremism

by | 21st, November 2010

IS X Factor hate figure Katie Waissel being targeted because she is Jewish? Or is it because of this? Or that? Or the saucy photos? Or is she in the bottom two so often because fans want to see her sing twice every weekend? The Daily Star has an idea.


There have been a few comments made about her race in the internets. But who can the Star get to add grist to the mill?

Notorious Muslim fanatic Abu Yahya attacked her, saying: “I can imagine people having hatred for her because of the conflict in Palestine.”

Abu who?

“If she is a person that supports Israel, then obviously I am sure Muslims will have hatred towards her.”

Abu who?

Bigoted Yahya caused uproar earlier this month when he chanted, “Death to Britain” outside the Old Bailey after fellow radical Roshonara Choudhry was jailed for stabbing MP Stephen Timms.

Yes, readers. Who better to review the TV singing show than the “notorious” Islamist who didn’t stab anyone like to bask in the attention of someone who did by standing in the street with an A4 print out and a limited line in chanting at pigeons?

In tomorrow’s Daily Star look out for an appraisal of Paije Richardson by Nick Griffin…


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