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Shrien Dewani: Media Whispers And The Death Of Anni

by | 23rd, November 2010

SHRIEN Dewani did not kill Anni Dewani. But there are whispers. There are noises in the media. And Shrien Dewani, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, has not ignored them. He is talking to the press. Why bother? Let the police police and the media report.

The facts are few but telling: Anni Dewani is dead. She was killed in South Africa, having been abducted in Khayelitsha township while the couple honeymooned. Zola Tongo, 31, was driving the newlyweds in his taxi. He was pulled from it by two armed men. He has been charged with kidnap and robbery. Two other men have been arrested: 25-year-old Mziwamadoda Qwabe. Xolile Mngeni, 23.

Yesterday the Mail delivered the delightful:

Family fury over ‘slurs’ against husband of bride murdered in South Africa

Slurs you might not have head about include:

Police are reportedly puzzled as to how Mr Dewani – who was thrown from the couple’s hijacked taxi 20 minutes after it was taken – escaped with no visible injuries.

One day earlier the Mail told us:

The businessman whose wife was killed during their honeymoon trip to South Africa is £6.25 million in debt, it has been reported.

Shrien Dewani’s care home business PSP Healthcare owes more than £4 million to the banks.

The Sun (front page): “I DIDN’T KILL MY BRIDE”

Mr Dewani is talking:

“I’d searched high and low for my perfect partner. Anni was the ‘One’. Her looks, her laughter her personality, her spirit – everything about her was right for me. Why would I want to kill her? People who suggest this could not have seen us together. Saying I was somehow involved simply defies logic.”

Murder is rarely if ever logical. He testifies to the tabloids:

“I suddenly became conscious of a loud banging noise – then looked up and saw an African man furiously hammering an automatic pistol on the windscreen. I thought the glass would break. The next thing I knew one man had shoved Zola on the passenger seat and got behind the wheel – while another with a gun was next to me and Anni.”

A gun is pressed to Shrien’s head. The man gets into the car and drives. He is pulled form the window of the car. The men drive off with Anni. Later she is found murdered.

Daily Mail (front page): “Murdered bride’s father: My son-in-law is innocent”

A woman is dead. And the media set about creating a story.

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