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X-Ray Of The Day: The Safety Pin up The Nose

by | 25th, November 2010

MEET Alexis McCarter. The six–year-old has a safety pin stuck up her nose. The pin is discovered after Alexis goes to the doctor. She’s been having piercing headaches, nose bleeds and ear pain.

But the doctor can’t pinpoint the reason.

Eventually, she has a CT scan at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Johnny Rotten – eat yer heart out…

Ammo head

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THIS is a picture of a two-inch long live round of ammunition lodged in the head of living Afghan soldier. The US Air Force image stems from work by Radiologist Lt Col Anthony Terreri. He explained the patient and discovered that the shrapnel was in fact a 14.5mm unexploded round. Says he: “I saw that it was not solid metal on the inside. I then looked at the scout image and could see there was an air gap on one end and what looked almost like the tip of a tube of lipstick at the end and decided this didn’t look quite right.” Wearing body

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